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I feel very blessed for the things and people God has brought into my life. My hope is to help others see how blessed they are in life as well.

I have been in love with my husband and high school sweetheart, Javan, for about twelve years now. We are recently blessed with now four children: Sophronia, Lucy, Odin, and Grace plus our pup, Sydney. We also have our rescued cat Louis. Our home is full, but our hearts are fuller. We have come so far on our journey together. We did long distance for four years. He was in school while I was modeling across the globe. After that, we then lived in Texas for a couple years before moving back here so he could help with his family's real estate business as a property manager and realtor.

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+ Game nights with the in-laws.
+ Eating delicious food at stylish restaurants.
+ Taking our pup Sydney to the dog park.
+ Dancing like a fan girl at concerts.
+ Going on vacation to new places with my hubby and kids.
+ Photographing amazing people while sharing laughs and making new friendships.

Some of my favorite things:

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Everybody has value and their own unique quality they bring to the table. I truly believe the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Those little moments, like when a child laughs and the parents smile at them and you can totally see how blessed they feel. Or when a bride and groom are saying their "I do's" and you look to the family members and see each of the couples holding hands, remembering their own precious promises to one another. I not only love those big obvious memories, but also those simple moments that can sometimes get overlooked but have such an impact. 

I love capturing special moments in time. Time is the one thing in life you can never get back and it goes by way too fast. I enjoy being able to make something that might otherwise be challenging for you easy and fun. Sometimes with young kids or a large group, getting photos taken can seem complicated. I'm here to help you have a good time! The idea that those who come after you can have a window into and perhaps a deeper understanding of your life's story is so special to me. Connection and helping others gives me life! Not only through the experience but also the feeling a photo portrays.

why I love photographing people... like you!

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