Popular Wedding colors and what they mean


I found this as an interesting topic to address because this small detail has an influence on the perception of your wedding day. What you want your wedding day to come across as, or to be able to look back on and still get that desired feeling, can be persuaded by the colors you choose.

RED-Passion, Love, Drama

Red wedding theme with bride and groom kissing at the alter.

It’s interesting how also location has influence on the meaning of color. In the United States, it can mean both love or anger, while in China it means prosperity and good luck. It is also a perfect color if you want to make a bold statement.

PURPLE-Power, Mystery, Luxury

Purple wedding theme tablescape in the white ballroom.

Usually purple is associated with wealth. With dark purple this is especially transparent, but also light purple can also represent elegance, magic/fairytale, whimsy. It is also associated with creativity. Multiple shades of purple look great together creating a monochromatic palette that photographs well.

GREEN-Health, Growth, Bounty

Green wedding theme with wedding cake table full of donuts and macaroons.

Usually associated with wealth and money, it also represents nature, life, and growth. Negatively it is associated with jealousy and envy. Most brides however use the color to represent their love for nature and the outdoors. Dark green tends to represent more wealthy status, while lighter greens represent more of the natural tones of nature.

ORANGE-Excitement, Youth, Warmth

Orange wedding theme with bride on the couch outside the park chateau.

Orange represents energy and youthfulness. If you want to have a party style wedding orange is a great color to add to your wedding theme. It is a challenging color to theme with in the winter but great in the spring, summer, and fall.

PINK- Soft, Sweet, Romance

Pink wedding theme with bridal details of ring and perfume.

This is one of the most popular wedding color choices. This color also represents love, devotion, and elegance. It adds a gentle femininity that is calming to the eye. It also can signify young love, sensitivity, and vulnerability.

YELLOW-Happiness, Positivity, Imagination

Yellow wedding theme with plate settings on rustic table

Similar to Orange, yellow portrays happiness and energy. It also signifies curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Perfect for couples who enjoy adventure and learning new things. Most popular during summer weddings.

There are so many colors to go through. This is only some of the many choices. I will do another post in the future with more colors and the meanings/perceptions behind them. I hope the colors above help spark your thoughts on the deeper meaning of your wedding and what you want it to be portrayed as. This can help set the feeling/mood for the day.

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